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MMS Crowdfunding is an online platform that connects those who need financial assistance with funders. MMS Crowdfunding provides access to those who need assistance but are not affordable by funders.


Reach The Unreachable

MMS Crowdfunding reaches out and displays information about people in need of funds to funders, as well as assisting funders to find out who they can help. That way, funding activities can be carried out with confidence and have a direct impact on them.


Simple Process

The online funding process is very easy to understand.

Everyone, it's safe!

Yes! The transaction is secure and everyone can join!


Where are the funds go?

Scared of misuse of funds? You can monitor all of the fundraising activities on our site.

Why did we start?

Those in need of financing often feel confused about how to ask lenders for help. MMS Crowdfunding can collect donations at the right time, to the right people. Those who meet the financing requirements can propose financing through our platform.

Funders often feel confused about where and to whom they should donate. There are times when funders feel embarrassed if they only donate a small amount, so funding is often delayed. Whereas a little donation from someone, will be a lot of donations from everyone.

How does MMS Crowdfunding work?


  • Make sure you are eligible to be fundraiser & register through our website.


  • Fill in your fundraising content with descriptions, photos, videos, and others.


  • Share your fundraising campaign online & let funders know.


  • Funders can view list of fundraising campaigns through our website.


  • Funders who have donated will be recorded on our website.


  • The collected funds will be transferred to the registered account.

Why choose MMS Crowdfunding?


  • All transactions go through one line and are recorded in the system.


  • The transaction process is faster and easier, because it is automated by the system.

Multi Payment

  • Provides several payment options.

What do you
need help with?

  • Contact us for further informations.
  • Let's make a plan to achieve your goal!