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RMMS stands for Radar Monitoring Management System. RMMS is used to monitor radar at 17 point locations in Indonesia.

Monitor All Devices Live, Remotely

RMMS saves your time, and money by getting all the status of all servers in different locations in real time and all data will be displayed in RMMS dashboard.


Centralized Monitoring

Every transaction will be stored automatically to the system.

Real-Time Report

All responses from the radar server will be stored in the database and can be accessed via the RMMS dashboard.


How does
RMMS work?

In the RMMS system, there is a scheduler that will load all devices in the database (list) every 20 seconds. In the database, there are ip ports and oid.

RMMS will hit the radar server according to the respective port and oid. After getting a response from the radar server, the Oracle database status will be updated.




Why choose RMMS?


  • Our interface can run on any platform because it uses JAVA as its core.


  • Every transaction will be recorded and the data can be used for the reconciliation process.

Multi Platform

  • Allow communications between different platforms.

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