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Vending Machine

Vending Machine is a tool or a machine for selling goods automatically. No need for operator personnel to sell your goods. Vending machine can operate for 24 hours.

Cost Saving, Vending Machine

Vending machines will be a promising business in the future. Japan already uses vending machines to sell various products. Let's turn to vending machines to sell your products!


Open 24 Hours!

Your customers can always reach for your product anytime!

More Payment Options

Yay! Customers can pay either with cash or non cash.



You can put us in strategic locations, so that customers can reach your goods easily!

Waiting Less

The waiting process is faster because everything is automatically done by the system.


More Features

  • E-Money Cash Out

  • E-Money Top Up

  • E-Money Transfer

  • Transaction Report

  • Advertisement

  • Promotion

  • Customer Requests

Why choose us?


  • Doesn't require large space. It can be placed indoors or outdoors.


  • Doesn't require employees to operate the vending machine.

Multi Payment

  • Provides several payment options.

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