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One of our products is enterprise solution for payment gateway, where we provide end to end solution beginning at the front end terminal application to the back office of payment gateway.


Upgrade Your System

Along with the times, nowadays everything is demanded to be fast-paced. In this way, user needs also increase, especially in the payment sector. Add bill payment features to your system with mms PPOB.


Competitive Price

Get more profit from every transaction.

Easy Installation

Our installation to your system doesn't take too much time.


Type of Services


  • Add MMS PPOB to complete your system and meet the needs of users in this era of instant payment. We are ready to help you meet your system needs through the API.

Mobile Apps

  • Anyone can increase their income with PPOB business. MMS PPOB can be found in our application on Google Play Store, such as FES FAM Indonesia, ridaPOS, and Rida Assistant.

Why should I use MMS PPOB Apps?


  • No registration fee. You just need to download the app in Google Play Store.


  • Requirements are very easy. You just need to fill out a simple form.


  • PPOB online transaction service is 24 hours non stop.


  • Complete service with competitive fee.


  • An user friendly system that is easy to operate.


  • Ease of making a deposit via transfer to a virtual account.

MMS PPOB Products

  • Pulsa

  • Mobile Data

  • PLN

  • PDAM

  • Telkomsel HALO

  • e-Money Top Up

Why choose MMS PPOB?

Easy Integration

  • The integration process to your system is simple, so it doesn't take too much time.


  • Every transaction will be recorded and can be seen through our dashboard.


  • Every transactions are guaranteed safe and can be done in 24 hours.

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