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Rida Assistant

Rida Assistant is an application intended for Muslims. This application is easy to use and designed to help or facilitate the needs of Muslims, incluiding the payment of zakat, infaq, and shodaqoh, as well as PPOB facilities.


Grow with Rida Assistant

Rida Assistant offers features that help you in your daily life as a Muslim. Rida Assistant can remind you to keep getting closer to Allah, from Shalat, reading the Quran, to Tasbih.


Sharing is easy!

Pay zakat, infaq and shodaqoh easily and share with others who need it!


Now you can read and listen to Quran anytime, anywhere on your gadget


Never late for Shalat!

Travel often? No need to worry! You can see prayer times according to your location.

Get the right direction!

Rida Assistant has an animated compass. Wherever you are, you can always know the Qiblah direction.


Keep your consistency

A friendly reminder and note to your Shalat, fasting, and read Al-Quran history.

More Features

  • Duas

  • PPOB Payment

  • Hijri Calendar

  • Tasbih

  • Mosque

  • 99 Name

  • Story of Nabi

  • Syahadat

  • Hajj

Why choose Rida Assistant?

Interesting Features

  • We provide features for the Muslim lifestyle and increase your knowledge about Islam.

Free for All

  • You can enjoy all the features for free.

Easy Pay

  • We provide a place for you to give charity.

Rida Assistant
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