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Viranda is a virtual account that is used as a convenient and fast payment method. Viranda is usually used by banks that do not have a virtual account. Viranda use customer ID for the transaction.


Solution for All Your Payments

Enjoy the convenience of transacting through one account. All transactions will be faster, and more efficient with MMS Virtual Account. You don't have to bother anymore when transacting!


Easier Transactions

All transactions can be done through one virtual account number.

Simple Process

The implementation is fast and you do not need to make a bank account.



We have several solution modules that can be used on your system. Modules can be developed according to your requirements.

MMS Settlement

Add and facilitate transaction settlement reports for Partners.

MMS Recon

Tools to check transaction records made through the Partner system.

MMS Fee Management

Set the fee per transaction for each type of payment.

MMS Portal

Partners can download settlement reports according to user id for recon purposes.



Why choose Viranda?


  • The transaction process is faster and easier, because it is automated by the system.


  • Customers do not need to confirm payments for their transactions and you can view every transaction record through our dashboard.


  • User transactions are guaranteed safe and can be done for 24 hours.

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