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E-Wallet is end-to-end software (client, server, back office monitoring) that can be used to support transfers between members, cash-out, and PPOB transactions. E-Wallet provides two payment options that can be used to perform various transactions.

A Pleasant Transaction with Us

Have to make payment right now? Enjoy hassle-free payments anytime and anywhere with MMS e-wallet. Have a nice day with easy payments, only need your fingertips!


All you need is E-Wallet!

You can link all of your card to one account. Payment is as easy as tapping your tip!

Send money, no worries!

Need to send money but you also have to pay the transfer fee? Well, in MMS e-Wallet you can send money to other users with no transfer fee!


Effortless payment

No need cash, no need to keep the change, just need to tap-tap!

Where did the taxes go?

In MMS e-Wallet, you can find out where the taxes you pay on each payment goes.


More Features

  • PPOB

  • Pay Me

  • Transaction History

  • Cash Out

  • News

Why choose us?

Multi Payment

  • Provides several payment options.


  • Replaces cash in any transaction.


  • The transaction process is faster and easier, because it is automated by the system.

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