Our products to cater client’s needs are as follows:.

1. IT Consultant

We provide consultation services for clients in banking and financing industries beginning with feasibility study to business analysis, system design, data migration, integration system, project management, training, and after sales services. We also provide IT Auditing services to support banks in following the criterions released by OJK or Bank Indonesia.

3. MMS Middleware

MMS Middleware is a system that functions to bridge two or more different systems in data communication. This interface can run on any platform as it uses JAVA as its core.


One of our products is enterprise solution for payment gateway where we provide end to end solution beginning at the front end terminal application to the back office of payment gateway. Among others, MMS solution are as follows:

7. MMS PPOB Joint Operation with Yabes

In addition to the products mentioned above, MMS has a joint operation division with PT Yabes Teknologi, a subsidiary of The Capitol Group.

2. MMS Switch and CMS

MMS Switch Application for Electronic Banking supports transaction processing from various delivery channels, for example ATM (Anjungan Tunai Mandiri), Switch System, special teller, etc. Specific modules in MMS Switch used to handle different delivery channels can be centralized into one system.

4. MMS Mobile Banking

One of our product is mobile banking with ANDROID as the basis. This application provides mobile server with the ability to integrate to banks’ core banking. This mobile server can also manage mobile android including security. This application has several standard service features:

6.MMS Branchless Banking (Laku Pandai)

Another of our product is branchless banking, or in the terms of OJK, laku pandai. This application is a variant of mobile banking application – provides mobile server and back office branchless banking.

8. MMS Online Counter

Online Counter is a payment business service counter that is easy and promising giving opportunity to the community to become a partner in opening an ONLINE payment counter business.

Matajari Mitra Solution

PT Matajari Mitra Solusi (MMS) is established on Notary Letters No. 11 December 17, 2013 published in Jakarta by notary Kokoh Henry, SH., MKn within the business field of information service provider for financial transaction service industry and banking. MMS is officially operational on February 1, 2014. MMS provides end to end informatics solution services in the financial and banking industry. We offer consultation services to clients in the financial and banking industry from feasibility study to business analysis, system design, data migration, integration system, project management, training, and after sales services. In order to support focus in the business, we are in partnership with OpenWay Group. OpenWay Group is the number one Switching and Card Management System solution provider in the world based on the release made by Gartner in the year 2010. OpenWay Group is established in 130 financial institutions in several countries including Indonesia. In Indonesia, OpenWay Group has collaborated with MMS, where we have worked together for 9 years since the year 2006 in projects in BRI, Muamalat Bank, BRI Syariah, and OCBC NISP. Moreover we have also worked together with OpenWay in a government petrol subsidy project in Malaysia. Before joining with OpenWay Group we are involved in a financial transaction service project in Bakrie Communication Corporation in the MATS (Multi Access Transaction System) Division. Lastly, we have also worked in Quantum Group together with PT POS Indonesia. In realization to the vast range of existing projects, apart from partnering with OpenWay Group for large scale projects, we have also developed local switching solution and local CMS that we call M-Switch for medium sized projects. M-Switch is made based on our experience with several MMS consultants having background and experience in the same industry. Modules in M-Switch include Authorization, Switch, NDC/ DDC ATM Controller, H2H ISO 8583 Interface, Full Life Cycle of Card Management System and others. We continue to develop our products in adjacent to the growth of banking and financing services by research and development.


With the level of experience held of 19 years in this field, we are certain that we can be the leading, most competent, and reliable solution service provider of information technology in the financial and banking industry in Indonesia.


“Our mission is to provide IT Solution plus value through partnerships with the best technology principal to help customers reach their goal.” We offer world class solutions focusing on the financing service industry covering several fields like EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) Switching, Card Management System and other solution. Our consultants have a wide experience in assisting clients to choose the right solution for their business. Through close nit partnerships and cooperation with principal solutions, we are able to manage all processes from project planning, requirements analysis, system build, data migration and system integration, system performance optimization/ tuning, user training and after sales support service after Go Live system. We provide world class solution by merging multiple expertise of our platform, latest technology, proven implementation methodology and is made to produce “Technology Innovation for Success”.

Bussines Partner

OpenWay Group is a software payment processing vendor (evaluated the best in the industry by Gartner in 2009 and 2010). OpenWay Group’s product is WAY4: WAY4 Card Issuing, Merchant Acquiring, Financial Switching, Personalized Mobile Payments, Mobile Wallet, and other payment solutions. It is successfully operational in 130 institution - banks, financial institutions, and telecommunication institutions in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, The Middle East, and Africa. WAY4 Product for debit card, credit card, prepaid card and commercial, deposit, loan, giro, mobile money, and other financial products is built based on international standards but still maintains flexibility for its customers. WAY4 can also be used for targeted marketing campaigns and independent services through ATMs, KIOSKS, POS terminals, the web, mobile banking and others. Based on cluster platform, WAY4 ensures transactions are processed 24/7 using high end systems that supports 3000 TPS (transaction per second), 150 million cards, 20 thousand branches, and 11 different time zones. WAY4 Solution is SEPA-compliant, certified by MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, Diners Club, JCB, CUP, and PCI SSC (PA-DSS Rules). OpenWay Group is a financially independent corporation (not owning any debt and belongs solely to its employees) that is consistently profitable. OpenWay Group has been audited by PriceWaterHouseCoopers.


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